HFST - Helsinki Finite-State Transducer Technology API  version 3.7.1
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNhfstA namespace for HFST functions and datatypes
|oNimplementationsA namespace for all code that forms a bridge between backend libraries and HFST
||oCHfstFastTransitionDataOne implementation of template class C in HfstTransition
||oCHfstTransitionA transition that consists of a target state and transition data represented by class C
||oCHfstTransitionGraphA simple transition graph format that consists of states and transitions between those states
||oCHfstTropicalTransducerTransitionDataOne implementation of template class C in HfstTransition
||oCMyTransducerLibraryInputStreamA skeleton class for reading a new type of binary transducers from a stream
||oCMyTransducerLibraryOutputStreamA skeleton class for writing a new type of binary transducers to a stream
||\CMyTransducerLibraryTransducerA skeleton library class that contains operations for a new transducer type that is added under the HFST interface
|oNrulesA namespace for functions that create two-level, replace, restriction and coercion rule transducers
|oNxeroxRulesA namespace for HFST xeroxRules functions and data types
||oCMarkUpRuleMark up rule has two markers on the right side of the mapping. Mapping is only left side of the mapping
||\CRuleA rule that contains mapping and context and replace type (if any). If rule is A -> B || L _ R , than mapping is cross product of transducers A and B, context is pair of transducers L and R, and replType is enum REPL_UP
|oCHfstInputStreamA stream for reading HFST binary transducers
|oCHfstOutputStreamA stream for writing binary transducers
|oCHfstTokenizerA tokenizer for creating transducers from UTF-8 strings
|\CHfstTransducerA synchronous finite-state transducer
oNhfst_olA namespace for optimized-lookup functions and datatypes
|oCSpellerA spellchecker, constructed from two optimized-lookup transducer instances. An alphabet translator is built at construction time
|\CTransducerA compiled transducer format, suitable for fast lookup operations
oCContextTransducersAreNotAutomataExceptionContext transducers are not automata
oCEmptySetOfContextsExceptionThe set of transducer pairs is empty
oCEndOfStreamExceptionThe stream is at end
oCFunctionNotImplementedExceptionFunction has not been implemented (yet)
oCHfstExceptionBase class for HfstExceptions. Holds its own name and the file and line number where it was thrown
oCHfstFatalExceptionAn error happened probably due to a bug in the HFST code
oCHfstTransducerTypeMismatchExceptionTwo or more HfstTransducers are not of the same type
oCImplementationTypeNotAvailableExceptionThe library required by the implementation type requested is not linked to HFST
oCIncorrectUtf8CodingExceptionString is not valid utf-8
oCMissingOpenFstInputSymbolTableExceptionAn OpenFst transducer does not have an input symbol table
oCNotTransducerStreamExceptionThe stream does not contain transducers
oCNotValidAttFormatExceptionThe stream is not in valid AT&T format
oCStateIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionThe StateId argument is not valid
oCStateIsNotFinalExceptionState is not final (and cannot have a final weight)
oCStreamCannotBeWrittenExceptionStream cannot be written
oCStreamIsClosedExceptionStream is closed
oCStreamNotReadableExceptionStream cannot be read
oCTransducerHasWrongTypeExceptionTransducer has wrong type
oCTransducerHeaderExceptionTransducer has a malformed HFST header
oCTransducerIsCyclicExceptionTransducer is cyclic
oCTransducersAreNotAutomataExceptionTransducers are not automata
\CTransducerTypeMismatchExceptionTwo or more transducers do not have the same type