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HFST Download Page

NOTE: We are moving from Sourceforge to Github at the end of February. This page will no longer be updated. The newest version of HFST offered on this page is 3.8.3. For version 3.9.0, use the packages offered via Apertium for the time being (see links below).

Debian packages for Linux

All HFST command line tools and API library are released as Debian packages via Apertium, see our wiki pages for instructions.

Binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux

We offer ready-compiled, statistically linked binaries for a subset of HFST command line tools. Tools included are hfst-xfst, hfst-lexc, hfst-pmatch, hfst-pmatch2fst, hfst-twolc, hfst-proc, hfst-lookup and hfst-optimized-lookup. These eight tools should provide the user with the most important functionalities of HFST. There are two tarballs available, one containing just hfst-xfst and the other containing all eight tools. Supported platforms are Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Binaries for Linux and Mac come in 32 and 64 bit variants, for Windows we currently offer only 64 bit binaries.

The Mac OS X files are created on a 64 bit machine as Universal binaries. The 32 and 64 bit parts are extracted and offered here as separate packages. The Windows files are created on a 64 bit machine with Visual Studio compiler. The Mac and Windows files should both work as such after downloading. The recommended method for installing HFST on Linux is via Debian packages, see below. We offer ready-compiled binaries for Linux as well, but binaries are generally not very portable in Linux so we give no guarantee if they will work as such.

The binaries are created from HFST version 3.8.3.

Windows 64 MacOS X MacOS X64 Linux 32 Linux 64
hfst-xfst Download Download Download Download Download
all eight tools Download Download Download Download Download

Alternative installation methods

It is also possible to install HFST via MacPorts, see our wiki pages for instructions. You can also compile HFST from source.

Python bindings

Python bindings for HFST API library are released as Debian packages via Apertium, see our wiki pages for instructions. We recommend using python3 as it has a much better support for UTF8. We are creating a new interface for using HFST via Python more easily. Python bindings will also be released for Windows and Mac when the interface is ready.

For the time being, we offer current Python bindings for Windows compiled with 64-bit Visual Studio 10.0. They should work with versions 3.3 and 3.4 of 64-bit Python.

Linguistic resources

Our SourceForge project directory offers transducer binaries for morphological analysis, spell checking and hyphenation, and installable collections of those and some other linguistic resources. It also contains C++, Java and Python implementations for performing fast lookup on transducers in the optimized-lookup format.